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An assembly does embed the IL code into a PE (portable executable) file. There are several combinations possible like
  • PE32 32 bit executable
  • PE32+ 64 bit executable

The managed header has additional flags
  • IL Only (a pure .net assembly)
  • Mixed (normally managed C++)
  • Signed

This command allows you to check if a binary is managed at all and for which platform it was compiled.


-CorFlags <file/s>
-cf <file/s>


The following comand prints the assembly infos of all .NET Framework assemblies into an excel sheet. The sheet does also contain the file sizes so you can make some rough estimates how much managed/unmanaged code you have. The file size is not perfect since it does also count embedded resources which can give a distorted picture.

ApiChange -cf $net2 -excel

Excel output

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