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Using ApiChange on Continuous Integration server



I know it has been some time since this project was worked on, but I am hoping to get some feedback from you regarding a couple of proposed change I have.

I am working on a product that wishes to enforce backward compatibility. Our means to accomplish that is to have a step on our Continuous Integration (CI) server that validates that the latest checkin doesn't break backward compatibility with previous versions. We are currently using JetBrain's TeamCity as CI server, and adding a MSBuild task that runs ApiChange seems like a easy thing to do.

Proposed changes
I would like to add a feature when it comes to the -diff argument. It is today necessary to have at least two assemblies when doing the comparison: one old and one new. This design would force me to checkin all assemblies that I wish to maintain backward compatibility on, since I need them on the next checkin when I wish to compare old and new assemblies.
What I would like to propose is a way to generate the metadata of the API from the old assembly that I can reference when doing the comparison with the new assembly. That way I am only forced to keep the latest metadata file, not the latest assembly.

What do you think of the proposal? If you like the idea but lack the time I would be happy to contribute. Please let me know and we could continue with the discussions using IM.

Best regards,