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Find all occurences where the type is beeing used. The checks include:
  • Type is used as base type/interface
  • Generic argument to a generic base type/interface
  • Method from type is called
  • Field from the type is accessed
  • Type is used as field type
  • Type is part of a method declaration (return type, method arguments including generic parameters).
  • Type is used in local variables


-WhousesType <typequery> <defing type file/s> -in <using file/s>


Search all users of the FileShare enum which is defined in the mscorlib.dll in all .NET Framework assemblies and print the output into an Excel sheet.

ApiChange -whousestype "public enum System.IO.FileShare" $net2dir\mscorlib.dll -in $net2 -excel

Who Uses Type Excel Output

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